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Thread: Fallow doe with cows

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    Fallow doe with cows

    Has anyone come across this before...I walk my dog on cultivated grassland Down (Sussex Downs) daily. The area has small areas of woods nearby but they are not thick in any sense, you can see from one side to another. In a nature reserve near to where I live last week I saw a fallow doe with a small herd of cows with their calves and dartmoor type ponies. The cows were nudging the doe away who seemed quite resistant to leaving. The nearest tree line was 300m away and that is a very thin tree line.

    Today I saw what I presume to be the same doe grazing contently with the small herd. The doe appeared to be well was moving well and was alert. It was now being tolerated by the herd, even grazing directly next to a nursing cow. The doe was about the same height as the calves.

    I've seen the odd roe up there but they have been very skittish and have run away at first sight of humans, but this doe was content to watch me from about 75m away albeit through a very sparse hedge line.

    Any thoughts?
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    4 fallow jumped into a horse paddock next to a wood I shoot a few years back. They stayed for a while and then 3 of them jumped back out. The last one stayed in there for months and refused to leave. They had to eventually remove it.

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    have often seen roe grazing beside both cows and sheep. Plenty will claim that they don't mix or share the same ground but that's not my experience.

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    I've never seen Roe and Sheep in the same field and others have said the same. Anybody else seen them together?

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    Nope, roe and sheep don't get seen together around my parts. But I guess rules are there to be broken and with most animals I shouldn't wonder if there will be individuals that do. I should think that deer species that will normally herd together, herding with another species would be more likely, even if it is still rare.

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    I have seen upto 50 fallow grazing amongst dairy cows, Reds will as well.

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    often see fallow mixing with livestock roe seem to avoid sheep for some reason I was stalking on a friends ground after sika a couple of months ago and saw a group af them mixed in with some horses

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    I have seen CWD mixing freely with sheep, not seen roe with them tho...

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    Not only roe, rabbits too don't like mixing with sheep unless they have to. I always understood it's because sheep foul the ground on a constant basis.

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    Shot a roe doe and kid within 50 metres of a flock of sheep only yesterday and the sheep were not fenced in either. The sheep were the least of their worries!

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