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Thread: New member from Dorset

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    New member from Dorset

    Hi everyone my name is Rick, Iím from Dorset
    Iíve only just joined & hardly looked at any posts yet, I found the site because I was researching a company called PD High Seats,
    Iíve been back into shooting now for about 3 years after a long layoff because the government decided to ban all my toys, (semi auto rifles then pistols)
    I currently shoot the shotie for Dorset; I enjoy doing vermin control, Deer stalking & boar shooting
    My weapons of choice are .22 & 17hmr Rimfires 22.250 & 308 centrefires
    I use an Gen 3 Archer night vision monocular on the back of my scopes & spot with a Yokun digital Ranger with extra IR for all those dark nights
    Nice to meet you all

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    Morning Rick!

    Nice to see some local boys starting to post here. You will like the site I'm sure, much good info and great folks.

    Have a look here. it may be of interest as you are just down the road! :



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    Welcome fellow disenfranchised pistolpacker.
    I left the UK because of that ominous laborite start and am saddened somewhat as the roe in Dorset do look good. My best pal lives down there and I get there usually once a year. Otherwise I still have a small base in Dover to attack the pigeons from.
    Enjoy the site it brings interesting folk together.

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