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Thread: Big thanks to forum member

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    Big thanks to forum member

    G'day all, I contacted forum member eddoakley a couple of weeks ago regarding a scope he may still have for sale. Long story short it arrived today in outback Australia and is better than I could have hoped for. Thanks for putting in the effort to get it to me safe and sound, was packaged perfectly. Good to see good honest people still exist, much like the hunting community down under.

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    Thanks Jerry, was just about to start a thread but posting on this one will hopefully have the same effect.

    I was a little concerned about posting to Australia as I had never done it before.
    And not to seem sceptical but when a new member asks you to post something, offering the full asking price plus any costs incurred, it can seem just a little "too good to be true".
    But in this case it was a perfect transaction.
    Jerry payed full asking price plus post and when it looked as though I may have underestimated the postage cost he offered to pay more.
    Kept in touch throughout and let me know when it arrived.
    If there was a points system as I mentioned in a previous thread then I would award top marks.

    Cheers Jerry and hopeful I will take you up on your offer at some point.


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