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Thread: Sako 85S Laminated/Stainless in .243

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    Sako 85S Laminated/Stainless in .243

    Anyone fancy making some space in their cabinet by moving on one of the above to a good home?!!! I have an open slot on my ticket to add a .243.

    If so please let me know...


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    You wont go wrong with a sako85 I have one in 22-250 that I got new, straight out of the box it shoot fantastic groups ,if I do my bit

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    Thanks _ I've had an 85 Finnlight in .308 for 4 years - I would however like to try it with a laminated stock. Hence looking for an Laminated 85 in .243 and I can hopefully just switch the stocks over. I've had the slot for a .243 for 2 years but never got round to getting one.

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    I might be tempted later in the year with mine. I keep thinking of changing it for something lighter (it is a touch heavy) but then I take it to Bisley and get attached to it all over again. Fantastic rifles. There was one on Guntrader a few weeks back for about a grand.

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    When you say later in the year do you mean in the next 9 days of 2015?! If so I could probably wait that long!

    What profile is your barrel? How about a temporary stock swap to see how it works out respectively?


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    Lol, I guess you are in a hurry. It is the fluted heavy barrel. I'm not so sure the stocks are swapable.

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    Only in as much as I put out a message in the summer and haven't done anything about it. Unfortunately I missed exactly what I was after in September as I was away with work!

    Stocks should be interchangeable unless someone else can advise or unless your heavy barrel won't fit a Finnlight?

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