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Thread: Free Muntjac shoot

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    Free Muntjac shoot

    It's Christmas and I'd like to offer a chance for a serving or recently demob forces personal who is just getting into deer stalking and not shot a muntjac or a CWD the chance to do just that. If you know of somebody who fits that bill let them know asp. I know I'm likely to have lots of requests, I'll only take the first one, or two depending on getting a shot off. Merry Christmas to you all on SD
    PS If you need to travel I can put you up FOC.
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    Good offer well done that man.

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    Well done Colonel, great offer for some lucky person

    merry xmass

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    excellent offer, well done that man!

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    hats of to a gent...

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    What a fantastic offer, well done that man

    have a great Christmas guys

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    Well done Dave mate
    you have a great Christmas too Bazil

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    well done its offers like this that make SD what it is today

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    Well done and thank you from us here at Admin, more people like you would definitely make for a better world.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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