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Thread: Best mix of .22RF ammo to start?

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    Best mix of .22RF ammo to start?

    I'm allowed to buy up to 500 - 600 rounds of the above when I purchase my rifle and was wondering what the best mix would be for a all round purposes? I'm looking at mainly subsonic rounds for accuracy/stealth but would also like some harder hitting rounds that still have reasonable ballistics. I've heard of one .22RF round with 700ftlbs+ muzzles energy!

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    If you search through the forum, you will see there ar e lots of different comments about .22LR ammo, both Subs and Super sonic, what one rifle likes, another will hate, with your allowance for "To Buy", I'd buy 200 of each type you can get hold of and try them, once they are done. get hold of another batch and see what happens.

    My CZ Style with a 16" barrel likes Eley Subs, groups 10mm at 60m zero with 3 rounds.

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    Winchester Subs for the sneaky stuff and RWS hollow point High Velocity do the trick for me both very accurate, BUT every 22 is different you just need to persevere and try a few out until you get the ones your rife likes. Good luck and have fun trying.

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    Find out from your gunshop what are the brands of 22rf ammo that he carries all the time. Get a box of each and try them - shoot several five shot groups at 50yds and your rifle will soon tell you what it likes. You will probably have a couple of brands that shoot pretty well, others which don't at all. With the good stuff then try it at 75 yds and see what continues to group.

    You might be lucky enough to find a subsonic round and a high velocity which you can use without changing the sights - subbies bang on at 60yds, high velocity at 100yds.

    My Brno likes Eley and RWS subs and HV. Doesn't like Winchesters, and Remington get lots of blowback.

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    I test a lot of rimfire ammo on a professional basis and there is great wisdom in just buying the odd box and trying it. Do NOT clean between brands, but always fire a few rounds of the new ammo to season the bore before shooting for serious group. Twenty-two's shoot best if not cleaned at all, btw, as groups take a while to settle back down after a bore scrubbing.

    As to the 700 ft/lb energy: No. The most powerful .22 produced is the Aguila "Interceptor" which tosses a 40 grain bullet at just over 1500 ft/sec. This round generates 200 ft/lbs of ME. Second is the Aguila Super Maximum which throws a 30 grain HP at 1730 fps for 198 ft/lbs ME but of course, bleeds energy fast due to the lighter bullet.~Muir

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    I was even thinking of getting a .22WMR as I've heard good things about this little rifle - really good punch at slightly longer ranges out to about 150yds? Also, what about ammo interchangeability, eg. .22LR and .22WMR? Was also thinking, bolt action or semi-auto and ideal barrel length? Am leaning towards bolt action with a 5 round clip and also a barrel on the shorter side, say below 20"?
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    In a dire emergency, you could shoot a 22Lr round from a 22WMR but the accuracy would suck. They are not interchangeable as they shoot a different diameter bullet of quite different design. THe CZ's are great in 22WMR as they are in 22LR. I have heard that SAKO doesn't make a good 22WMR barrel?? Seems so from some of the posts I've seen. Semi auto 22WMR's are scarce and expensive. I have a BRno 611 autoloader and I love it, but my CZ bolt action is my go-to 22WMR.

    Cut the barrel if you wish. 16" is about as short as I'd go.

    I like the 22WMR (I have six of them) but if I could have one 22 rimfire, or one rimfire of any caliber, it would be the 22LR.~Muir

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    I know .22WMR is a bit more expensive ammo wise but what is your main reason for choosing .22LR? I hear you can get subsonic .22WMR ammo if you want to be a bit more stealthy?

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    Maybe you can get sub-sonic 22WMR, but I can't. (You didn't hear that from the same person that told you about the 700 ft/lb .22LR load, did you?) My reason for the 22LR is that the ammo is inexpensive, accurate, and there is a wide variety of ammo from 20 grain bullets that fire at air-rifle speeds, to tracers, to shot cartridges, to 60 grain behemoth bullets that are used for sniping from 1:9" twist rifles. I use the 22WMR when the ranges are farther than 75M out in open country.

    If I want raw power, I use a 5mm Remington Magnum. (Sigh!) Had to toss that one in....~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    The most powerful .22 produced is the Aguila "Interceptor" which tosses a 40 grain bullet at just over 1500 ft/sec.
    I do have fond memories of that little beauty

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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