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Thread: stuffed birds

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    stuffed birds

    Nothing to do with deer,but I have been left a case with 17 tropical birds in it,some are humming birds and a fruit pigeon,the rest I am not sure.
    I am hoping to sell how do I check that they are not protected birds,as some one told me,I could be fined if so,some thing to do with cities,stuff,any help greatly apprieciated.

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    You could maybe try contacting the National History Museum.

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    His fridge is not that old !

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    I see the Christmas cheer has kicked in,I love tropical birds specially when stuffed,oh matron

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    if the case is pre 1947 it will be fine to sell, do you have any pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chugga View Post
    if the case is pre 1947 it will be fine to sell, do you have any pictures?
    Can I ask why the age of the case would make a difference? I know the 1947 thingy covers Ivory but never heard it about birds or cases.
    Always willing to learn!
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    If they are not European or Migrants to the UK then they will not require an Article 10 certificate so will be fine.
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    Anything that has been "significantly altered from its natural state" ie mounted prior to 1947 is legal to sell, this is just a rule of thumb as there are exceptions to the rule. Say you had a pair of antlers on a skull mounted on a shield and they were mounted prior to 1947 but were from a protected species this would need an article 10 cert. The laws changed about 2 years ago and its all very confusing, lots of test cases going through the courts at the moment. Have a look at this link for more info

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    The DEFRA page is well worth studying: Endangered species: imports and exports and commercial use - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK

    Be aware that, within the EU, the CITES Appendices have been replaced by a Commission Regulation that came into force in 2015. Here is a link to the full schedule: L_2014361EN.01000101.xml

    The EU has kindly put together a pretty good reference document, including many FAQ's:

    The relevant section in the context of this thread is 3.6.3

    3.6.3 What rules apply to trade in wildlife “antiques”?

    Under the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations, “worked” specimens of species listed in Annex A, B, C or D that were acquired more than 50 years before the Regulations entered into force (i.e. before 3 March 1947), are considered antiques and are exempted from some of the controls that govern other types of specimens.

    Worked specimens of species listed in the Annexes of Regulation (EC) No 338/97 (or containing parts or derivatives of the same) are defined as:

    • specimens that were removed from the wild and significantly altered from their natural state for jewellery, adornment, art, utility or musical instruments, before 3 March 1947, and
    • have been acquired in this condition and require no further carving, crafting or manufacture to effect their purpose (see Annex III of this Guide)

    Antiques acquired before that date but that remain substantially unaltered from their natural state do not qualify for these exemptions. For example, a raw unworked rhino horn would not qualify even if it could be shown to have been acquired before 1947. Similarly, a tiger skin ‘rug’ acquired before 1947 may qualify if it could be shown that it was a genuine rug in its own right and not merely a skin which could also be fashioned into some other item at a later date. Stuffed animals - for example mounted and stuffed birds - are also considered to be worked specimens
    and may qualify for the exemption if they have been acquired before 3 March 1947.

    Worked specimens that have been acquired before 3 March 1947 must, in general, remain in their original state and should not be subsequently altered. In practice, this means that specimens that have been altered subsequently for some other use may no longer qualify for the exemptions. For example, crocodile skin watch straps made from old handbags would not qualify. However, the definition does not necessarily exclude “renovation” (an inevitable part of any object’s life), therefore worked specimens that are restored using material from specimens of Annex-listed species that dates from before 3 March 1947 may qualify for this exemption.

    A couple of additional points to note with regard to the definition of wildlife “antiques” are:

    • it is not necessary that the person who acquired the specimens before 3 March 1947 is also the present owner for the purpose of the definition; and
    • “acquired” also means receiving a specimen as a gift, inheriting it, or killing the animal or plant and taking possession of the specimen.

    I was interested to read the comments about not being able to use old handbags for watch straps, since I've seen several items on eBay where the seller is offering what would appear to be leather from such species for the purposes of re-working.
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