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Thread: boyds stocks

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    boyds stocks

    last week I put an order in with boyds for a rem 700 stock and today I received a tracking number from ups . this came as a surprise because I was expecting an email from boyds telling me they cannot ship to the uk so now im under the impression that they will ship after all .

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    Interesting thanks

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    Curiouser and curiouser!
    Back in September I spent some time trying to source a Boyds stock, they had just raised the price a few days before I sent them my enquiry. They replied promptly only to confirm that since the price increase they could no longer export. They did supply the names of two companies in the UK that they exported to but I received no replies to the enquiries I sent them. After two weeks of trying I gave up.
    I will be interested to see how you get on since the replies I got were quite emphatic that they would not export.
    Fingers crossed for you.

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    well I have a ups tracking number so something is on its way from boyds god willing its my laminated stock .

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    Took my boyds stock 2 weeks to arrive, I had a 25.60 customs fee to pay,

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    Just ordered mine wouldn’t allow me last time I tried because the stock was over $100

    there appears to be a price drop to $99.00 order gone through fingers crossed

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    0rdered one on tuesday, got a shipping note from UPS wednesday morning so all looks fine with them so far. No doubt there will be import tax but $180 (120) for a replacement to my Tikka M595 synthetic seems like a good deal to me!
    Happy Christmas!

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    Yes as johndeere says there has been a price drop on some stocks to $99 again so they will export again. Ordered one recently for a pal and was here no probs in maybe 4 weeks. Have just ordered another two for someone and the site wouldn't allow me to buy two $99 stocks at once because presumably the product total was seen as greater than $100. Had to order in two separate orders but that's ok. I can only assume it's to do with pre-existing or new manufactered stock because in the same style some colours are $99 and some $129. But it's possible again. Last one was 142 total including customs so excellent value! Mind you, amazing to think that at $99 that's just 66 to a US customer!!

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    I'm curious about this $100 limit, anyone know what the official story is with this? I regularly order stuff from the states (rod building materials and other stuff) that comes in at over $100, is it a firearms parts related limit?

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    just to add that the Boyds stock arrived yesterday (6th Jan) impressive service as I ordered it 3 days before Christmas.
    All fitted nicely to the .243 Tikka M595, range time will tell of course but its solid, no touching areas on barrel and nicely finished. This is a new rifle for me (got a great deal on it incl scope, mod, bipod and sling) so I'll see how well its shooting before looking at bedding/rebarrels etc. but can't fault the value or service of that stock (140 incl import tax and shipping), and I've got a spare synthetic now.
    happy new year all!

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