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Thread: Browning Citori 12b o/u

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    Browning Citori 12b o/u

    Browning Citori 12b o/u game gun, fixed choke 1/4 and 1/2 28'' barrels.
    This would make a great starter shotgun, the blueing needs to be renewed or perhaps Cerakote finish.
    It is a solid gun and has served me well for years.
    Face to face only 250.
    Thanks for looking.

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    I had one of these many years ago, fantastic guns and a real bargain for someone
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    Ihad one of these years ago,fantastic little gun and a bargain for someone

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    Nicely run-in and less than half price but what do i know about shotgun prices?

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    Did this sell ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markfox View Post
    Did this sell ?
    Not as yet, a chap should be coming back to me shortly as he will be in the area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Still for sale
    My offer still stands!
    all the best,

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