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Thread: Xmas box for permission

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    Xmas box for permission

    That time of year ,
    for those that have a permission for shooting be it vermin or deer what do you give the farmer at Xmas ,
    I took an old farmer his today a nice little selection of food and wine from waitrose ,cheese ,chutney ,biscuits and jam Ect .
    one of the only times I shop at waitrose but it still works out very very cheap stalking .came away with the permission for another year and he even gave me a bottle of nice port in return

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    Every little helps , it's the thaught that counts

    I use to take a cheese and biscuits and mini bottles of spirits around to a farmer I new very well for years and years

    he stopped me the one year and said he really appreciates the gesture but he don't eat cheese and he didn't drink lol

    i said why do you have so many bottles of booze then ? He said people buy it for him for birthdays and Xmas and he just puts it to one side

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    I never went the cheese route! I get a case of wine from my mate who brings it from France and take a full day driving round and give them a bottle or two or three depending on how good the place is!!

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    Bottle of champagne and a decent bottle of red , they always seem surprised when I drop it off and very grateful. Considering I don't pay to shoot their ground it's the least I can do!

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    Dropped an expensive bottle of red and a big bag of venison steaks off yesterday to one of my permissions.
    Ironically they won't let me shoot deer there... yet!
    Hoping they grow to like venison enough to extend my permission to deer.
    Other ground where I shoot deer they won't eat venison and are very snobbish about wine so no point giving them booze as they will only cook with it. So last year bought them a young oak tree impregnated with truffles and a box of choc truffles. That went down very well.

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    6 bottles of nice mixed wine from Waitrose including a bottle of something sparkly for each easy as they will allow mixed cases, mind you one farmer took me for a days driven partridge as a thank you for shooting his deer.

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    I gave a box of celebrations to 2 of my permissions today and got a 2 stone bag of potatoes back of 1 farm and 6 weeks building work off the other farm.
    Neither farmer wanted any thing off me, they just like me to go when they ask me to or when i can.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    A haunch of venison with a bottle of malt whiskey
    regards pete

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    A Good port for him and choc's from a well known store in London for herself its a small offering but I feel I should do something by way of thanks

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    I expect at least something to cover the cost of ammo

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