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Thread: Weather/seasons

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    I have read on here quite a few notes on weather events & related seasonal movements, I was just out the front of the house waiting for a delivery to roll up, Tea in hand just wandering about, thinking about yesterday being the shortest one, Wow! three flowers well open on one Camellia & breaking buds all over the one that is always last , these bushes always flower late January.
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    Same here: 24F on Saturday, going to 70 to day, and close to 80 on Christmas. The entire Eastern US, the Atlantic, over to the UK is very warm, while the Western USA and other parts of the the world are seeing ice and snow. Worst thing for us with these fronts passing through was rain; yesterday, north of me, they got 2.75 inches in an hour and a half, and 3.5 predicted for today, and that causes localized flooding.

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    Flooding is a topic big time over here, lots of people up sh*t creek & no paddle,Steve., Lucky for us here, over 80 feet above the weir in town & the weir is 29 feet ASL.
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    It going to be a green Christmas this year. Weather forecast is warm up to new year.

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    Living in Cumbria, you probably don't want to hear my views on the recent weather, more of which is due in the next couple of days I believe.

    But don't I recall the long range forecasters telling us that it was going to be a hard winter some months ago? Don't know what happened there so far.

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    There`s no such thing as a season anymore.
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    There is a well predicted el nino currently in progress so this would generally have been expected to be a "warm" winter in those places where such events have that outcome, plus it tends to produce storms and more rain in many places. Also the Arctic Oscillation has helped exaggerate these effects just because of the way it is currently behaving. The el nino is through to be one of the strongest in a long time and is probably just at its peak.

    Given all of this then we are seeing exactly the weather we might expect.
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    Benefitting from being surrounded by a slightly warmer sea the Isle of Wight does not often get the severely cold winters experienced elsewhere, despite being in a frost hollow I usually have early flowering daffodils (February Gold) out around now.

    atb Tim

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    My advice to the next generation. Buy a house on top of a hill!!!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Its gone tits no cold spells and we are pushing into the new year just warmish rain ? glade I am 100 ft above the north sea , think my kids will be able to watch the posh folks who own the seafront penthouse's get washed away in the years to come or move to a houseboat . my daf's are out ! think the world is a changing sad to see but its here and there's bugger all to stop it in my lifetime

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