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    West Sussex area


    I've been shooting recreationally since childhood and for the last 5 years have been stalking deer in Sussex and also in New Zealand in the bush. Mostly Red Deer, Fallow and some Roe but a couple of Muntjac as well. Also in NZ, wild pigs and some more exotic species like Samba. Other than my 8 years in the Army, I have most experience with shooting .243, 6.5x55 and civilian .308.

    I have a couple of shotguns but always borrow rifles. I'm planning to buy my own stalking rifle very soon - work commitments have always stopped me getting around to it. I've finally had enough of putting up with rusty barrels, funny triggers and dodgy scopes! I have a ticket with a slot for a .30-06. Next project will be learning how to reload my own ammunition. I have DSC1 and was an Army Range Conducting Officer.

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