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Thread: Zeiss 7x42 BGAT

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    Zeiss 7x42 BGAT

    As title classic binoculars in very good condition, these are the ones with the t*p* coatings. Some normal signs of wear on the focus wheel but think you'll struggle to find a better pair for the money, bought on here earlier this year excellent binoculars and will take some beating for clarity, complete with the original leather soft case and I have put a neoprene neck strap on them

    only selling as I'm to frightened to take them out the house and they are wasted here someone will make great use of them just after my money back which was 400 posted RMSD.

    advertised elsewhere

    happy to send pics via email please pm me.
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    Best bins you can get and tough as old boots. Just use them. I have had mine 16 plus years and I have looked after but not baby'd them and still have the same again in them. Don't sell em, or pick yourself up a nice Christmas present.

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    Yeah I know these are the second pair I've had as I sold my first ones and regretted it, but I can't bring myself to use them like they should be as these are in good nick, I'm in no rush to sell, but they arn't been used. Tried against some fairly new swaros not so long ago and there was nothing in it..

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    T*P* are the ones to go for. It's all about that Star. But at 400 these are cheap. Good deal for someone!

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    Seuss 7x42

    I am interested in your binoculars.
    I have had to register to The Stalking Directory to reply to you and as a new member I am not able to PM you with my email details.
    Could you PM me with your email address so that we can begin communicating.
    many thanks

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    All pics sent and pms answered and still for sale.

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    These are now sold thanks to all those who showed interest.

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