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    GPS Tracking collar

    Hi .. I am looking for a GPS tracking collar for my small tracking dog and one that would work in a forest block too .. anyone got any suggestions on what model would suit my needs and where I can get one in the uk, I have looked online at some of the Garmin ones but no good in the uk I believe and not sure where to order one in the uk any help would be great thanks.

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    These are the only ones that I see as legle in the UK
    SportDOG Brand GPS Tracking Dog Collars
    they are 30 cheaper than I have seen advertised on Facebook groups,
    i have no idea of there performance or range!
    its a lot of money to spend and the performance is crap!
    myself like many others use a Garmin
    I would be interested to hear from people who are using the sportdog ones on a dayily basis as part of there work to see what they think.
    good luck with your search


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    I use the Tek 1.0 on my Wirehaired and a good friend of mine uses the same on his Hanavarian. I've found it to be a brilliant piece of kit and wouldn't be without it. I've had my dog after a deer at a distance of 1.9km and got to it no problem. I would look at the size of the collar with a small dog though.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    There is is another system legal in the U.K. We have been trailing the tracker fi and so far it looks very favarouble.
    Her is a pic of an actual track done recently. Tracking distance is limitless.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I will ill do a full review after the new year if there is sufficient demand. The system can be bought from here- Der Nachsuche Shop von Aduro - Ihre jagdgerechte Einkaufsmglichkeit. Please mention the UKSHA with your enquiries to them.

    Happy New Year


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