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Thread: Meopta 6.5x32 binoculars

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    Meopta 6.5x32 binoculars

    A friend's wife asked me to help her pick out a Christmas gift for him, so we went to a local hunting and fishing store, where we found these Meopta MeoStar 6.5x32mm binoculars on sale for $249.00. They will fit into a jacket pocket, yet seem to be really as nice as their $800.00 larger binos. The weather was foggy and raining, so although we took them outside the store, for a look around, we really could not see much beyond 200 yards. I like the eyecups and the focusing.

    He and I are going hunting this weekend, so I will get to compare them in the field.

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    I was looking at 30-32mm binos at the last gun show. They might be just the thing for daytime hill stalking. Meopta has very good glass.

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    Yes, Meopta is good stuff. These 6.5x32s focus very close, so they would be the ticket for close watching of forest birds and butterflies. The focusing was very good for me - not too quick, not too slow. I also liked the built in objective lense caps.

    I had recently looked at some impressive Vortex Diamondback 8x32 on sale for $150.00, but took a chance and ordered some Celestron 8x32s on sale for $100.00, after reading several tests on birding and binocular sites where they beat everything outside the $800 Zeiss / Swaro / Leica class. They have arrived, but the weather has been dreadful, and I have not gotten to use them, except at 4:00 AM, when the sky was totally clear, and I looked at the stars and planets. Light gathering on a very dark night was good, enabling me to see lots of details on trees and a herd of cattle about 400 yards away. They do fit into the pockets of all the coats and jackets I wear hunting, even in the cargo pockets of trousers, which is what I wanted.

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