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    Kiwi guest

    A friend of mine has had his son in law over from new Zealand for a couple of weeks and was trying to give him a taste of British sporting shooting at every opportunity .
    jason the son in law is a active stalker in his native country and after seeing him shoot driven game it was obvious he could handle a firearm .He had been out on a couple of outings for deer on a pretty large estate in the next county but had seen deer but none shooters .
    so the morning dawned and it was less than ideal ...blowing and rain on the cards .we met at my house and travelled to the estate some half hour away still in darkness arriving to find it blowing harder and I thought this may turn out like many good plans backfiring !
    I sent my friend off with a map to a seat in a nearby wood and jason and I slipped and skidded our way in the opposite direction to another wood .got inside the wood and to our seat and it felt ok just the seat swaying in the wind .morning took a while to come to be honest and my backside was feeling numb I scanned the dark wood for signs of movement when a couple of hares loped past giving us something to watch .
    looking 360* around the seat as the sky cleared my guest tapped me as the unmistakable shape of a munty came onto the ride ,he was up and on it in a flash but mr buck wasn't stopping ! A quick bark had him Stop at the second attempt and boom he rolled over .The look on Jasons face was well worth the effort and I was well relieved for myself and the father in law nothing like a foreign stalker with some expectations after hearing for years about British stalking exploits.
    after a while we got down and walked over to the deer admiring his tusks and not too shabby headgear for a first munty I did the gralloch and we decided to walk stalk alongside the wood and coming back round into the wind , alas we did spot deer but none shootable and after a half hour making our way to the end of the wood we were hit by the force of the wind now with rain !
    we collected the munty and headed off the estate .
    nothing too unusual about the story but I had a very warm feeling giving a fellow sportsman a first for him especially on Xmas eve .the head will eventually get back to new Zealand and after a firm kiwi handshake I have an invite to visit the other side of the world for a taste of new Zealand ...just need a passport !
    happy Xmas everyone
    kind regards
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    Excellent mate! I could think of worse places to have a stalking invite than New Zealand

    Slightly different I know but I had a lad come from Belgium to learn how to trap moles with me and I've a professional rugby league player coming for a days rabbiting shortly.

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    Variety is the spice ,got a munty for you in the new year mate have a good one and regards to yours .

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    Looking forward to it mate.

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    Nice one Doug, great result all round from your hospitality and successful stalk. Have a good Xmas. Gaz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz View Post
    Nice one Doug, great result all round from your hospitality and successful stalk. Have a good Xmas. Gaz
    And you gaz nice to give a little back I've been fortunate to have been on the receiving end from one or two SD members hospitality .happy Xmas

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    A happy kiwi with his munty
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