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Thread: Tragic death

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    Tragic death

    STV news tragic death of teenage gamekeeper in the borders, a firearm is thought to be involved
    no further details at present.

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    heard this earlier today. Terrible news at any time but worse on Christmas eve 0 will be a reminder to the family forever

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    Terrible news! Thoughts go out to the family and friends. What a young age.
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    Very sad news indeed ,such a heart break for the family .deepest sympathy

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    Terrible time to receive news of this sort, It brought back memories of a guy climbing a style with an unbroken 12 gauge near me,Also akin the old lady in the Costa today, sure death any day is bad news, but right on top of the season?.... So many too soon.... but, life will continue!
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    God bless him.

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    Oh no. So very sad.

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    Numbing news, words fail me. RIP young man.

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