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Thread: Doen't waste your old sloes!

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    Nope, a slider is a pint of cider with a measure of sloe gin in it!

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    In the same vain, I made sloe sherry when 2015's gin was done. Found the recipe here:

    Sloe Sherry recipe | The Cottage Smallholder

    Used it to make the cranberry sauce for christmas dinner, after a cheeky swig. Was very tsaty.


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    I'm still waiting for the first frost!
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    Wife makes ginned sloe jam once if strained the gin off.

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    a trick i learned this year is to not put the sugar into the sloe / gin mix until its nearly done. apparently the sugar, if added early, slows the leaching of the sloe juice into the gin (all about osmosis i believe), hence if you leave it until the end, then the flavour is more intense.

    My 'brew' for this year was done this was and is definately my best so far (i also added in star anise, cinamon bark and cloves to give it a nice touch of spice).


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    Will try this, thanks for the tip. I usually keep my sloes once gin is complete, and re-use them with red wine+sugar comes out with a similarity to port.


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    I sort of do this but the other way round - my wife makes a lot of blackberry jelly each year and always ends up with a lot of lovely sugary, sticky fruit that she sieves out...I just mix the leftover slurry with a litre of vodka and let it stew for a couple of like a charm

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