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Thread: Kelso 2016

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    Kelso 2016

    Thinking of going to the Stalking fair in Kelso in 2016 any recommendations on B&B or hotels in the area.
    Will be flying into Edinburgh.

    Is it worth the effort ??


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    Lots of nice B&B's in and around Kelso - best just check on trip advisor.

    How are you getting from Edinburgh?

    If you are hiring a car and driving down I would highly recommend The Lodge at Carfraemill, which about half way on the road to Kelso. OK its a hotel but really good food.

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    stop in at the castle retreat in Bonnyrigg. Its a bit off Kelso but if my geography serves me well, its (sort of) on the route to Kelso. You could even treat yourself to a stalk as a bloke called Joe Philp has some ground literally across the road from the hotel!
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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