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Thread: First Fallow

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    First Fallow

    Last weekend I took my father stalking in West Sussex with Sikamalc. Apologies for the photos, Malc has some better ones that I have not yet got.

    With a 4 hour drive, we decided to travel down in time for an evening stalk, followed by a morning stalk. It saves that travel the night before and an exciting wait before actually getting out stalking, so I left at 8am and picked my father up en route. We stayed at a B&B recommended by Malc ran by Angie Hill. Perfect location and just what you want during a stalking trip. We checked in with the B&B and headed to meet Malc and Darren, had a brew and discussed the plan. After a couple of brews we headed out, I went with Darren and Dad went with Malc. Unfortunately I saw no deer (maybe a fleeting glimpse of something running but neither of us were sure), Dad saw some Roe but nothing presented.

    I was hoping to at least see my first wild fallow, after 5 trips with various outfitters and friends I was yet to even see one. Unfortunately it was not to be on this first stalk.

    We then had dinner at a local pub and a beer before heading to the B&B, ready for an early stalk. An early start followed and after some discussion over a brew it was decided Dad would go with Darren and Malc and I would go look for my fallow. We arrived at the spot a bit early and waited 5 or 10 minutes. A little wait and I got ready before setting out on my first proper woodland stalk. After 15 or so minutes Malc stopped and as he did, I saw it - my first Fallow. This one was white and stood out well, after the shot it became apparent she was with a few other common ones that hid a bit better. It was a bit of a rush to get the shot, the deer was quite close, maybe 50 yards and I had a bit of a fumble getting the rifle on the quad sticks in the process bumping my stock on the sticks, alerting the deer. She was qaurtering, alert and about to take flight so a bit more of a rushed shot than I am used to, but it hit its mark, a bit far forward in the shoulder to allow for the quarter but it did its job. She ran behind a bush but being white we soon saw her, maybe 10-20 yards from where she was shot.

    Another new aspect of these bigger deer was my first drag! A week after a chest infection and lets just say it was hard work! But I got her back with a bit of help from Malc, maybe half an mile, and we went back to the larder.

    On skinning at home (as a hobby chef, taking the carcass home means half the fun is still to come) the 150gr SST had made quite a mess after hitting the shoulder and I lost most of one but also the breast and ribs were a mess. All that means is I will have to get another now to try Fallow rack of ribs! This was only my second deer with the 308 and so far it does seem to make a bit more mess than the 243 but hopefully it has just been a couple of 'unlucky' placements.

    Thanks to Malc and Darren, we will be back. Great trip and some valuable lessons learnt, which is what it is all about for a novice. Next time I will leave the quad sticks and just take doubles, leave the bipod and be prepared for quicker shots in the wood than normal. I am also in need of a deer drag, it would have been emotional if it wasn't for Malc's dog lead come drag!

    Oh, and I need a bigger fridge if I am ever going to shoot anything but a Roe or Munty again. Getting home after a long drive and having to skin/joint the beast is a pain!

    Oh, and unfortunately this time round Dad was unsuccessful, he got on the sticks at a Roe but before he got a shot it was off. He is having a bad run of it at the moment but it must change for him soon.

    Have a great Christmas and may the deer look after you in 2016.

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    A very good write up and pleased for you to have got your first fallow
    regards pete

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    got my first with Malc last November ,its a great area to stalk and Malc teaches you so much about the deer and finding em atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Well shot. I was out with Malcolm the day before & shot a fallow doe, so pleased that I didn't chase them all away!

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    Well done. At close ranges, the quad sticks can be used as a single stick or twin sticks. Merry Christmas. JCS

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    Great write up and a top class result!
    Well done!

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    Well done Karl and Nick, these Fallow are now as about difficult as they are going to get for the winter, you really have to stalk them. In woodland you have to be on the game straight away and not take too much time.

    Happy Christmas to you both and best wishes. Off to open another bottle up........hic.
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    Well done guys, As you found out Malc works hard to get you what you are after, I shot my first Roe doe/buck with Malc, my first Sika stag, Cwd.

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