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Thread: Howa love them or hate them?

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    Howa love them or hate them?

    Hi guys. I'm on my second howa and at the moment I am looking at another cal when my license needs to be renewed. My first was a .223 and it was very accurate. I had a nikkon prostaff scope and no moderator. I then put in a variation for a .243 as I wanted to be legal for bigger deer.
    I swapped my scope to my .243 and got a ase utra moderator. Very accurate.
    I now would like to get a dedicated nv fox rifle.
    I like the howa and will probably get another.
    What are your opinions?
    We all know about the stocks but that is an easy fix.

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    i was always put off of howas as i remeber seeing a advert where they were only promising a 1.25 moa grouping and i always wondered about there accuracy as your normaly promised sub moa but a good mate of mine bought one and its been very reliable and accurate, i always remember him phoning me after shooting a rabbit at 400yrds and whilst he was on the phone a crow came down onto the dead rabbit and he put the phone down and promptly shot that too i could even hear the bullet strike the crow

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    Happy with. One so far under an inch at 100 with prvi.

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    Never had one but never heard bad report about them or accuracy either , let's face it the japs can make some damn good accurate well made stuff , no reason why actions are any different


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    There not my cup of tea, I don't know if I'd personally own one - but and it's a big but. I've got a mate that's a keeper and he owns one, he's very hard on his kit and his Howa is superb! It takes loads of hard abuse out in all weathers getting splattered in mud on the front of the quad then lent up by the fire to dry and thrown back in the cabinet. It's out day in day out stalking, lamping, park culling and vermin shooting. It's proven to be ultimately reliable and accurate. Topped with quality glass and decent ammo there very good!
    “Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.”
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    I don't own one but those friends that I know that do seem to rate them.

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    Had one in .308
    very accurate and reliable, BUT converted it back to floorplate magazine as the aftermarket drop mags (in my opinion are *****). The catch on these is too prominent and can lead to dropping the mag......

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    Me mate has one. No problems but the hogue stock is crap and ruined accuracy. He MASSIVELY free floated it and now it's fine.
    Another mate is on his second Weatherby Vanguard (same action and barrels, different stock) and never had a problem with either
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Had one in .308 for the last six years, and it's completely standard.
    Never ever failed or faltered.
    Very accurate.

    Excellent case extractor.
    Three position safety with bolt lock.
    Never felt the need for more rounds than I can hold in the drop plate.

    A real work horse.
    Can not ask for anything else.

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    Have one in .22-250. Heavy barrel, Timney trigger and Dolphin stock. With reloads will actually put bullets in the same whole on a perfect day at 100yds. Tried the drop magazine option and it was OK but I wouldnt get excited about it. Wiith AI mags in the Dolphin it is very very good.

    Would definitely use one again as barrel and action are really good vfm. Can get lots of upgrade parts and make them work very well and fit your exact requirements.

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