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Thread: Stalking within 30 miles of Bicester

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    Stalking within 30 miles of Bicester

    I know it's short notice, but my wife has booked in on a course in Bicester on 28th Jan, and I might venture down south with her. Was looking if anything was available on that date for a morning or evening stalk or both, ideally Muntjack or Fallow, as have plenty of Roe where I live. Not bothered about trophies just cull animals please. Have level 2 and pretty experienced. Please pm if anything availalable with costs, location etc.

    Many thanks,


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    Thanks for offers-just trying to sort accommodation, and will be in touch then.

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    Ahhhh Bicester!!

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    You'll be in good CWD / Muntjac country around there. I'd imagine it's a bit short notice for a few guides though.

    For accommodation how close to Bicester have you got to be? I stayed at an excellent B&B when up with sikamalc recently on the CWD but it's a way towards Bedford. Don't be put off by it being a B&B... It's certainly not a room in some old lady's house! Top notch accommodation at B&B prices!

    Farm Bed and Breakfast in Rural Bedfordshire | The Old Piggery B and B | The Old Piggery Bed Breakfast Accommodation Bedfordshire | Welcome

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    cervusguide may be able to help on the bicester door step

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    Thanks for added info-we may stay with friends in Letchworth, about an hour from Bicester I believe.

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    We were there with Phil & Will Beasley on a pigeon tri-day jaunt and as they were not flying much he let us go out on one of his permissions for munties.
    Was not far from Bicester, there was a good Indian eatery located in the town square too, yummmm.

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    Just stay away from G's Wine Bar.
    its not a wine bar- it's got sticky carpets and a clientele of drunken squaddies...

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