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Thread: 6.5 cal 142gr smks

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    6.5 cal 142gr smks

    Looking for a box or 2 of these bullets, boxes must be unopened this time as it should of been last time, I bought some a while back on here and I had a pm with I opened and put tissue in to stop them rattling grrrr, that only means one thing, there was bullets from more than one box in them,37 was wrote on the box too,I do this so I know how many is left in the box as I use them.come on chaps, lets no cheat each other, merry xmas swaro

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    i have some here if yyou pm me
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    Sorry you felt cheated at 25/100 posted.

    For Sale: Sierra Match King 6.5 142gr 100 of part #1742

    No where did it state it was an unopened box, however the ones in the box did all come from the same box and I simply transferred them to another box when wrapping them to shop them rattling!

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    I wasnt mentioning any names, i forgot who i had bought them from,I try to buy bullets as cheap as possible as I get through quite a few, there is thousands upon thousands sat on shelves collecting dust up n down the country, funny enough I deleted my messages recently, I am not I a habit of making up stories, thats not my style, regards swaro
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    I'm not saying you are making up stories, I had an empty box, placed some kitchen roll in it then placed the bullets from the box I'd just opened into it and closed so no one got nosey at what was rattling and realised you were having bullets delivered and therefore likely to have guns at your house, done with the best intentions!

    You are certainly making out you were intentionally 'cheated' so I'm just setting the record straight! Either way, good luck with search.

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    I am glad to hear that was the case and i send my apologises, merry xmas and new year to you boydy,

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