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Thread: Does anyone remember

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    Does anyone remember

    Many Years ago my uncle used to go out stalking with a guy who is/was called "Robin Hood" I sure there are a list of jokes to come.

    anyway the point is does anyone know what happened to him or whether he is still going.

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    Not sure if the same person but they're used to be a stalker who leased the estate i was YT boy on called robin hood, well atleast thats wot the boss called him (amoungst other things) pretty sure that was his name as i mind taking the piss.
    But to be fair never really bothered us and don't think i ever saw him but not a massive ammount of deer on it either.

    That was in SW scotland and prob 25ish yrs ago, infact possibly more

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    Robin Hood is from dand g contact s
    lack chamber on here he knew were he lived at one time around Newton stewart I believe

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    Yes I remember him, he used to advertise in Shooting Times. Some 20 odd years back he advertised a week stalking along with accommodation (in a caravan) for a very reasonable rate. My friend and I booked with him and sent off the deposit only for him to cancel the accommodation 2 days before we were due to travel.
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    Yeah I remember him too , I seem to remember he featured on a deer stalking video -as i recall he stalked with a chocolate labrador.

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    Choc lab was Emma. Shot my first buck with Robin.

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    Robin and his Dad Robin had the timber yard in Birmingham many years ago!
    Kind Regards

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    Was in the timber game and lived near Leamington Spa. Moved to live on side of Loch Ken D&G, had a very sick kiddy. Last heard of 8 years ago
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    Long time since I've heard that name. Not sure if he's still in the stalking game.

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