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Thread: Motor advise

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    Motor advise

    Evening All
    lm going to change my l200 for a smaller 4x4 it needs to be a family car but also my shooting wagon.
    Im looking at the options, the wife's car is a vw Tiguan the size is good plenty of room, cheep to run and tax, but A little nice for me.
    what do you folks run in the real world and how do you rate it?

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    I run a 2004 nissan x-trail. It was cheap to purchase. Drives like a car and also achieves a good mpg.

    Off road capability is not too shabby. Of course there is no low box, in reality unless you wish to green lane I have never required it.

    Load space is surprising. I have been called upon several times to assist with large loads. Best of all due to the low price of the vehicle I don't wince at scrapes and scratches.

    I owned an L200 and found it rather skitish in the wet and thirsty. Off road ability was on par with the x-trail. It was nice having the load space when transporting smelly carcasses.
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    Don't buy any species of Landrover unless your idea of fun is spending all your free time lying on your back underneath it trying to make it work.
    If its only a 4X4-lite and a family car X Trails and Honda CRVs come up for sale with huge mileages on them and still fetching decent money. Tells you something about them..

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    Motor advise

    I have run a Jimny which was a good little wagon but a bit thirsty.

    I am 2 and a half years into running a Nissan X-trail from new which has been a joy to own. Over 40 mpg real world, tows well, swallows guns and dog and is wipe clean. Shame the new model won't suit me.
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    I tried this , then bought an L200.

    Just stick with the pick up mate. Nothing smaller will do the same job.

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    I also run an X-Trail which does everything I need. The load area seems to be a lot larger than with most 4X4 type vehicles and it gives me good MPG and works well for both on road and off road. I'd guess that averaged over the year I do 20 - 30 miles off road in a week and I have put 70k on the car.

    Mostly I stalk alone or am out remote "peat roads" or "estate tracks" in Scotland and I always get scared long before the car gets stuck and I would guess my use is more "extreme" (not that it is extreme at all) than that of 99.99% of 4WD owners.

    It must be said that I think the new shape X-Trail is sod all use to anyone but if I had to change mine today I'd be looking for another of the older shape cars. Be careful though as it can be tricky to get all terrain tyres for some wheel sizes, though this situation is improving, and the same probably applies for all of the softer 4WD cars.

    There are several other options and all the Jap/German solutions are likely to be good cars but for me the X-Trail was the only one that ticked all the boxes in terms of huge boot, decent off road, decent on road, inexpensive to run etc. If your intended use is much more extreme than the pics below then you might need something else but if not then the X-Trail will do your job:

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    Interesting the x-trail seems popular so far and the one I had not looked at, unfortunately the Jimmy or vitara are most definitely not big enough.
    I would keep the l200 but the cab space is cramped for the family to go any where!

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    I have recently (last week!) bought a late 2007 (T31 model) xtrail based on feedback from this and other sites. First impressions are very good. Drives excellently on the road and has a very durable feel. I'm looking into options to replace the built in drawer storage with a single full width drawer or locker that will accommodate a rifle diagonally. Plenty of room for dog cage, carcass, wellies etc. As a family motor it will take all our camping kit and there's room for little uns when the Mrs talks me in to it!
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    One of the lads in my syndicate has run an x trail for years and swears by it, he uses it for all sorts of stuff around the shoots often getting it filthy inside and out. He said it has only ever needed service items and nothing extra, I tried it out on one of our shoots up and down some steep rugged tracks ,across fields etc and it seemed quite a capable little truck. Go and test drive some as that is the best way of finding the right one for you.

    Good luck Scoby

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