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Thread: Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Riflescope

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    Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Riflescope

    Purchased brand new in the UK and still unused in original box. Mounted to rifle and turned on to test unit, but never used outside or never shot with it mounted to a rifle. 3 year UK warranty have not even registered it yet. Warranty is transferable. Was planning to use it for hunting, however am relocating internationally with a job offer abroad in a couple of month’s time. I would not be selling if it were not for work relocation. I have also considered the possibility of taking this along with me should it not sell. Grab a new year bargain, these retail for between 3300 - 3400. Can provide more photos upon request. Viewing/Collection from Binfield/Wokingham – RG40 area, take J3 from M3 or J10 from M4, can meet at Bisley. Priced to go at 2600

    Refresh rate:50hz
    Microbolometer Resolution: 384x288
    Range of detection: 1100m (object measuring 1.7x0.5m)
    Spectral sensitivity: 8-14mkm
    Display: 640x480 OLED
    Video Out facility to record footage to MPR
    Magnification: 2x with push button 2x zoom
    Lens diameter: 42mm
    Lens focus: 38mm
    Relative aperture D/F: 1:1,2
    Field of view, m@100m horizontal * vertical: 19.2/(9.6)
    Minimum focusing distance: 5m
    Eye relief: 67mm and Exit Pupil 5mm
    Power Supply: 4-6v using 2 x CR123 lithium batteries
    External Power Supply: EPS3 or EPS5 from Pulsar
    Reticles: 13 user selectable
    Windage and Elevation 1 Click (H/V) mm@100m: 30/30
    IP67 Water Protection
    Weaver Rail mount system
    Weight: 0.9kg
    Shock Resistance: 6000 joules

    Long detection range
    Variable magnification
    Anti-shock sensor protection system
    Large eye relief
    Variable electronic reticles ( 13 types)
    High contrast image (OLED display)
    Simple adaption to different types of shooting (3 basic modes)
    Noiseless calibration
    Video output
    Wide range of operating temperatures
    External power supply
    Variable electronic reticles
    High frame rate 50Hz

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    I need an entry level thermal scope, and am looking forward to hearing more about your ideas/suggestions. I spent days researching this Pulsar Apex item and the ThOR Series thermals by ATN. I am hearing good things about both brands. Seems like the battery life is on par with others, clarity is very good as is ease of use. Besides, the price is nice for a thermal weapon site.

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    Assuming your location is the state of Georgia in the USA and not the country in the Caucuses, then you have a much wider choice of thermal riflescopes than we have in the UK and at far better prices than in the UK
    The price you pay will be determined by the following main factors:
    a. Sensor resolution - 320x240 or 388x284 is "standard". 640x480 is high resolution and significantly more expensive
    b. Objective lens focal length - this and sensor size pretty much determine magnification, so higher magnification requires larger objective lenses. Since the lenses are made of germanium rather than glass, bigger lens cost a lot more than smaller lenses.
    c. Refresh rate - cheap thermal scopes have low refresh rates not exceeding 9 Hz (i.e the picture updates less than 9 times per second) Any moving target will appear as blur at this low refresh rate. 25/30Hz is perfectly fine, higher than that is nice but don't pay any more for it because you see any difference
    d. Near eye display - cheap scopes use 640x480 LCD displays, better scopes use 800x600 OLED displays. LCD is OK, but OLED is significantly better
    I have no experience of ATN and Armasight thermal riflescopes but have plenty of experience with their digital nightvision scopes and Armasight produce a far better product than ATN
    The FLIR thermal riflescopes appear to be a good product and they achieve quite high magnifications because of the small sized sensor they use
    I don't know how the price of the Pulsar XD50 compares with equivalent ATN/Armasight/FLIR products, but it seems less popular in the UK than the XD75 which has somewhat higher magnification
    The Pulsar thermal riflescopes have the UK market pretty much to themselves because all of the US manufactured products are prohibited from export by the ITAR regulations if the refresh rate exceeds 9Hz



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    for sale (still sitting in cupboard unused) - 2700

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    for sale (still sitting in cupboard unused) - now 2600 grab a bargain...

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    2000 cash here waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ncallan View Post
    2000 cash here waiting

    thanks for the offer, however I have had higher offers thus far, so will hold out in the interim.

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