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Thread: NGO West Mercia and West Midlands Deer Branch meeting?

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    Question NGO West Mercia and West Midlands Deer Branch meeting?

    Is anyone planning on attending the NGO's West Mercia / West Mids Deer Branch Regional Spring Meeting in Ludlow on the 27th?

    It's only up the road for me, so I thought I'd go along - there's a lot of work going into the deer branch at the moment and I'd like to get involved, plus it's another opportunity to put names to faces. I'm particularly interested in the Dogs for Deer training that's being developed, now that I have a GWP in early training.


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    Is it an open evening Adam or members only?

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    Well, the invitation is to members but I can't imagine it's going to be particularly secretive - it's the NGO not the Freemasons, so there's no chest baring or trouser leg rolling... I'll give the Chair, Liam Bell a ring and find out if it's open to non-members interested in the Deer Branch's work.

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    If its to be open let us know and I will be going. No wish to join NGO as well as BASC though.


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    I had my invite yesterday will be there,should be very interesting, Tone,

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    I feel that this could be another SD meet up aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had a letter the other day so I was thinking about it, so we might as well get a car load to go.


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    I will be going to the Ngo meeting,as a Ngo member I went to the AGM there last year,this was pre deer branch I think and was mainly a talk by Kings about cover crops.It should be a interesting night with the addition of the deer branch information.If you are interested in trapping and snaring the guy doing the talk on traps knows his stuff and should be worth a look.
    PS there was a bar there lasat year.

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