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Thread: Pulsar 870 or drone 10 x which one ?

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    Pulsar 870 or drone 10 x which one ?

    Which one guys and why ?

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    I have used the Pulsar 870 and wasn't massively impressed compared to the Starlight Archer I eventually bought it is not in the same league.

    Numerous people on here have said that they feel the drone 10x is superior to the Archer but I've yet to feel sure they have used both.

    Regardless Drone users seem impressed and satisfied with their kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shootonsight View Post
    Which one guys and why ?
    I've been using a Drone x10 for about 8 months now and am very pleased with it, I have changed from the ir source supplied with it to a home made "Sunnranger" for better clarity at range but apart from that the unit is spot on! I have a few videos of it in action if you want to pm me I will send you some!

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    Drone pro 10x every time, pulsar has the rangefinder but it hasn't got the image quality, the drone is 450 more expensive and is currently out of stock

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    I have 3 drones, 2 on estate rifles and one in n my own,

    i love them, the estate ones will be kept as they are I will be selling mine to get the new one when they are back on n stock and that is no downer on the drone mark 1.

    the only reason to change is so that I can use the colour drone in full day light, ( I'm still not 100 on changing it but I have a shoot load of dosh that needs spending) I am still using my current drone with the same illumination as the chap above, the sunranger is a cracking bit of kit and I have been watching deer out past 700 yards, shot targets well past 300 in the dark and I have used both a Pvs 14 and a archer and I prefar the drone,

    best of luck with making the decision it's a hard one,

    but it a word of advise keep away from the XSight not worth it in my mind but it seems some like it.?

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    Hello Shootonsight. Pulsar 870 or Drone 10X which one ?
    Really depends on what you are targeting, i.e., closer range rabbits under 100yards, using subsonic ammo = LRF870, or longer range fox with flatter shooting ammo = Drone Pro 10x.

    The clarity for LONG distance viewing goes to the DRONE with its fixed 10X optical zoom, assuming good IR illumination, but it is not good at closer distances, like 35yards, because of its very narrow field of view at 10X: this is where I'd now choose the LRF870 with its 4.5 - 9 magnification. Although 9 x magnification is available, I find the view is grainy and blurred so is not really useable, yes I can see eye shine but positively identifying the quarry at 200 yards - NO! I find the useable range with reasonable clarity of picture is up to about 6.5 magnification. At 200 yards the Drone Pro 10X is a winner. I'm told a Drone Pro 15X will be available soon?
    If you are targeting close range quarry and using subsonic ammo with significant bullet drop, then the range finding facility of the 870 really gives the shooter the edge, because knowing the range you can then calculate holdover and layoff. If zero’d at 62 yards the .22lr subsonic bullet has a drop of about 1.8 inches at 80 yards, 5.3inches at 100 yards and 10.4inches at 120 yards.
    If using a very flat shooting round like that of 22-250 and zero’d at 150 yards, then holdover can nearly be ignored for most shots up to around 220 yards. At these longer range targets the Drone Pro 10X is the better option. All in my opinion of course!
    It should be noted that both these electronic NV units place the centre line of the scope anywhere between 2.3 and 3 inches above the bore of the barrel, so this height needs to be taken into account when calculating ammo ballistics. Also because of scope height a stock raiser block may be needed: read my inexpensive 3 polymorph-bead solution for adding height to stock. (Pulsar NV scopes & Height of eye relief resolved)

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