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    Where do you get yours?

    Rubber gloves I mean

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    I buy all my butchery type stuff from Scobies:
    If you spend 50 (which I seem to do easily each time!), you get free postage. Their knives are mainly Victorinox which are great!
    Service is very good, normally there within a day or two.

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    Cheers MS

    I was looking for rubber gloves and scoobies seem to have only vynal. I like the nice tight fit of rubber and I aint got no allergies [except allergic to whinging gits]

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    I buy mine from molevalley farmers the blue nitrile ones they're a nice fit and a lot stronger than the latex ones but more expensive but you shouldn't be using latex gloves for food prep anyway,i would think any farm supplies store would stock them.

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    Is there an Arco near you? they stock nitrile gloves what I use, tried allsorts but these work the best for me.


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    If you are on good terms with a Dentist/Doctor/Vet, ask them to get some for you from whichever supplier they use for their 'consumables' - they should be able to get latex, vinyl or nitrile in a variety of sizes and qualities, and that ought to be cheaper than paying through the nose at a car bits shop, for example.
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    Don't like getting me 'ands oily so we have plenty of boxes.


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    I've bought nitrile gloves, anti bacterial wipes and some first aid stuff from them. They also do oversleeves which I'd recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    you shouldn't be using latex gloves for food prep anyway,Neil.
    Have I missed something? Why not?

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