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Thread: Yesterdays driven hunt

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    Yesterdays driven hunt

    We had our once yearly driven hunt this year located next to my home village yesterday.
    43 boar were accounted for (only boar and fox were the game that was allowed to be shot).
    I collected and laid all the foliage out ready to receive the game the whole bag shown in the pictures had not yet all been laid out.
    For me I only saw one boar on the hilltop during the hunt so it was a no shooter.
    One boar had been terribly wounded maybe a week previously and was walking only on three legs with an awful festering shot wound at the elbow so at least it had been put out of it"s misery, not all hunters here have a dog for follow up or even one available as the law doe"s not demand it, so the welcoming speech was rather heated from the Forstmeister.
    Afterwards the game was welcomed with the horns, then the hunt was officially declared over and we retired next door to the gasthaus for plates of home made sausages & bread and some sauerkraut and of course lots of Bavarian beer, I only had a 100 yard walk to get home so I did rather overdo this part.
    I went down to collect all the foliage to take it back out to the woods this morning and one hunter had forgotten to take his 30kg überlaufer home and we have had to dispose of it due to the health laws here because it had been laid out on the ground all night. I blame the beer.
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    Nice one Martin,a near perfect day by the sounds of it......

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    Blue skys all day, can"t ask for better.

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    Sounds like a great day. I am sure to not be alone in wanting to read a full write up, with the acreage and terrain, the number of hunters on stand and driving, rifles used and other equipment used, and how you maintain safety. Are there any young hunters there, or women, or just all men who know each other and have hunted together for years?

    My first big game hunts, as a boy were driven hunts through thick forests blocked off by logging roads into quarter mile square blocks, with hunting stands along the edges. And I still have some friends who own a farm in that sort of terrain, who do as you and your friends do, with a deer drive on the last day of the season, followed by an outdoor lunch of barbequed pork and chicken.

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