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Thread: Original FinnFire Varmint P94S

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    Original FinnFire Varmint P94S

    I am still after a P94S varmint if anyone has one going.


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    Theres a tidy looking Varmint on Guntrader........

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    I've got one now. Collected it off Mark (mmbeatle) today and if it groups like it looks (and I am sure it will) then I am a happy camper. Thanks again Mark. :-)

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    Just an aside, if it doesnt group like a target rifle then get a Lilja barrel for it - i did and it is even better than a std Sako FF.

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    You are not the first person to say that about the Lilja barrels. Assuming we get to keep them, which I am pretty sure we won't but lets be positive, I will get one for my much loved 10/22.

    Amazingly it appears they will ship direct from the US, see on their website.
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