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Thread: 12g pump action scater gun

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    12g pump action scater gun

    Hi guys anyone got a cheep pump action 12G?
    not looking to spend much anything about?

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    I've got a wood and blue mossberg 600 AT , 28 inch barrel with MOD choke , sling swivels it hasn't had a lot of use and I don't think it's all that old due to the condition

    shoots and cycles fantastically and it's on SGC


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    looking for something sub 200 its just going to be a knock around rough shooting gun

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    Got a mossy 500 with adjustable choke all black. Good honest gun and cycles anything

    200 and its yours

    its my rough gun but never get out now

    can email pictures

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    For got to mention it has swivels and heat gaurd on barrel

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