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Thread: Inexperienced stalker looking for experience

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    Inexperienced stalker looking for experience

    Hi all,

    You may have read my threads about "what rifle..." etc. Seem pointless to ask such as question before I get some experience stalking or at least witnessing. I'm looking to book a DSC 1 course in late Jan, but would love to know of any opportunities in the S Wales area to stalk or witness and learn some field craft from experienced stalkers, if anyone'll have me. If all goes well, will also be looking for permissions in the S Wales area, I know it's a lot of door knocking and who you know etc but worth putting it up here in good time, might get lucky, who knows.

    thanks all


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    Here's a suggestion. Read as many relevant posts on the forum as you can, and use the search facility to seek out those earlier ones. Also read the headers/stickies at the top of each forum section so you post in the correct ones - you'll get more responses that way.

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    Depending on where you are in South Wales, I would be happy to have a pint and chat to give you some help with any of the DSC1 stuff you may want to go through. I can't offer much more help than that as my own experience is very very limited and don't have a permission currently.


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