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Thread: Lemmy

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    Rip Lemmy ,a true rocker and head banger .Sad news
    For those that don't know of him MOTÖRHEAD

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    Just heard. I guess I won't be seeing them next month then.
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    He was only diagnosed on Boxing Day!
    That's a man that will arrive sideways in Heaven, in a cloud of dust shouting "what a f*ckin' ride, can I go again????"
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    My teens right there RIP Lemmy
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    Perhaps I have to busy working all my life, because I never seem to hear about a lot of people until they are dead. R.I.P.

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    My ears are still ringing from seeing them in 1981 lol
    Our art teacher got permission from the head to borrow the school minibus and take me and a group of others to see them in leeds
    Can't see teachers being able to do it now lol
    Rip lem
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    RIP Lemmy
    only emoticon that seems to fit is

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    You win some, you lose one wants to live forever...

    But, sad truth is, every time, every time, virtually that you saw him he was smoking and, of course, how much passive smoking would he have endured at gigs.

    Only seventy years old.

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    Not a great talent but that's life...

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