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Thread: Napier apex predator roe sack or harkila fenja roe sack

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    Napier apex predator roe sack or harkila fenja roe sack

    Ey up all,

    I'm after a new roe sack ,I've looked at the Napier apex and the harkila fenja,

    Is the apex one any good??, i like the idea that it's a bum bag that can be turned into a sack but the harkila one looks better quality

    Any body got the above?? Comments\reveiws are welcome

    PS has any one got a roe sack knocking about that they are willing to sell??



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    I brought Apex recently, only had chance to use it a couple of times so cant comment on its long term use or reliability but so far very impressed with it. Bum bag holds all I need

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    I've had the harkila one a few years now. Had a fallow pricket in it no problem. Use it for transporting all my gear, been hiking and camping in the Scottish hills with it. Good bit of kit.

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    +1 on the Harkilavery well made.
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    Thanks guys



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    I bought a Ogden one at the Scottish game fair folds away to a bumbag and into a backpack for carrying roe the quality is ten times that of apex I can't seem to find a link on the web for it thou

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    Well I'm not a big roe sack person really my previous being a poppins now sold on but my pal has the harkila sack .i shot 3 fallow yesterday a 75lb doe and 2x55lb buck fawns with no means of extraction they had to be packed out ...very wet going too wet for the bike without a bollocking .
    the buck fawns fitted easily and I'm sure the doe would have too but that came out kiwi style .very comfy with plenty of adjustment .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeerDucksFishin View Post
    Cheers mate, that's the baby I had some fishing bags off Phil years ago, I forgot he does this stuff and the quality is the dogs danglies

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