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Thread: fac and caravans

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    fac and caravans

    my parents have/about to sell there house and it looks as though we mite have to move into a caravan on the farm the real question is what do i do about securring my rifles

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    Put a Gunsafe "on the farm". Just has to meet the same requirements as to walls, visitors etc.

    No requirement for the building to be occupied, just secure.

    If you would keep a 4 x 4 in it and reckon it wouldn't get nicked then it's a good place to put your gunsafe.


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    Caravans and Mobile homes are specifically addressed on the Firearms Security Handbook 2005.

    This is what it says...............

    Mobile Homes & Static Caravan Units
    2.25 The unit should be site fixed or any wheels and towing assemblies removed or disabled to
    prevent its immediate removal.
    2.26 Where there is doubt about the fixture, supplementary anchorage with industrial ground
    anchors, locking plates or security chains should be used.
    2.27 The area between the ground level and underside should either be enclosed with secure
    cladding, or the area giving access to that part of the chassis securing the cabinet should be
    protected to prevent unauthorised access to that area.
    2.28 A cabinet to BS7558 or better, or a commercial safe should be used in dwellings of this
    type. Ideally (because of the construction of some mobile homes) cabinets of heavier
    construction may be warranted or a dual layer system to protect the area of installation. When
    considering installing heavier cabinets or safes the load bearing capacity of these structures must
    be considered.
    2.29 The cabinet should be located in a position making attack on it difficult.
    2.30 The cabinet should be concealed in an area which is not easily/normally accessed (eg inside
    fitted lockers).
    2.31 The cabinet should have the maximum number of its anchorage points attached to the
    chassis of the unit. The blind heads of any fixings should be outside, with the threaded nut within
    the cabinet. It may be prudent to have the fixing points welded to the chassis.
    2.32 Alloy chassis require special consideration. If the structure is in doubt the provision of
    bearing plates not less than 4mm thick and large enough to span several adjoining chassis
    members can be fitted. Alternatively, the below method can be utilised.
    2.33 Where the chassis is not substantial, a concrete pad containing securing bolts to attach to
    the security device should be made underneath the unit.
    2.34 Industrial ground anchors can also be adapted for this purpose. These should have a
    protective enclosure to frustrate access from outside (see paragraph 2.27).
    2.35 An intruder alarm should be considered the primary method of adding security to such

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    2.35 An intruder alarm should be considered the primary method of adding security to such

    check ones profile ha ha

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    i think it also depends ow long you will be there for, if its not too long you only have to take " reasonable mesures"
    for a chot gun it is disasembiling it , hiding the bits in difrent places and keeping a bit (foreend) with you, i
    m not sure about rifles, but i woul imagin it is keep the bolt and ammo with you and hide the gun, or have a little safe for the ammo, there only cheap

    but i could be completly wrong, but hipotheticly speaking, if that is in line with home ofice guidlines it is what i would do on long weekends away

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    It will depend a lot on how many guns your talking about. You need to talk to the licensing people and the approriate Organisation for advice.

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