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    Has anyone got a contact number for Steve Bowers? Can't find one on his website.. Need the stock of my R93 adjusted to take a semi weight 9.3x62 barrel ASAP, going to Germany on 8th Jan and need to get it zeroed beforehand!

    many thanks

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    I can lend you a Dremmel !

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    Haha thanks for the offer! I have two festool routers but figured this is one I better not tackle myself!
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    would this be him ? :
    Specialist Rifle Services Phone
    Badgeworth Lane, Cheltenham GL51 4UJ
    01242 863005

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    That's him thanks Paul. Couldn't get an answer, going to calton moor range tomorrow, Mike is going to sort the stock for me...
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    Reminds me of a quote that my mate has on the front of his desk at work:
    "Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine"!
    Steve is a very busy man and I suspect that it could prove costly to jump that waiting list at such short notice. Surely there must be someone else that can do what is essentially woodwork for you?
    What about getting another stock from the importer rather than mess with the one you have?
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    I know Steve is busy but thought I would try him first as he is local to me.. As said above Mike at calton moor is doing the work tomorrow. I tried macleods for a new stock before searching for a gunsmith. They didn't have any in and Gregor told me that blaser only make one stock and just mill it out if necessary for larger barrel and it was Gregor that suggested getting the work done by a gunsmith. I fit bespoke kitchens and am more than competent with a router, but would rather the work done by a gunsmith.
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