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Thread: re-barrel job

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    re-barrel job

    Hi Folks,

    I would like to share with you a re-barrel job that has been completed by James Clark (Jager SA of Colchester).

    My Remington 700 .308 was a custom build that I used primarily for target shooting and a little hunting (fallow from a high seat), recently the group started to open up that cleaning, soaking and cleaning couldn’t fix. In the back of my mind I knew this was a serious problem. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to diagnose a fault.

    A friend recommended James, we spoke on the phone and James offered to take a look with his bore scope, the result was the barrel was knackered. Disaster!

    James took the time to discuss my options, I never once felt pressured, he just got that the rifle meant a lot to me and after a while we ended up on re-barrel job.

    Numerous barrel options were discussed from his stock and alternatives that could be ordered in. I left my rifle with James while I did a little research and settled on a True Flite Ultra Match.

    I wanted the barrel screw cut 18/1 with a hidden thread protector, polished, fitted back into my bedded action and proofed. I couldn’t believe how little he charged for the job, very reasonable indeed.

    James even took the time to repaint the action, not only to improve the look but to protect and extend the life of the action.

    Of course the true test is at the range and I must say it doesn’t disappoint, incredible accuracy and a tighter group than the previous custom barrel.

    Once re-zeroed I couldn’t wait to go hunting, three Fallow and one Muntjac later I can confirm the rifle is spot on.

    A big thank you to James Clark – Jager SA for turning my failing rifle back into a precision instrument, outstanding workmanship at the best price around.

    Any and all future rifle work will be headed to Jager SA.


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    That looks a sweet rifle mate and well done James, I only hear good things about him, and hoping to have a re barrel done by James in the new year.

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