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Thread: Fallow Stalking on a Pheasant Shoot

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    Fallow Stalking on a Pheasant Shoot

    Evening folks,

    I just thought I'd ask the question, do any of you shoot fallow in a ground where there is a pheasant shoot? And if so how have you found it affects the fallow deer numbers, activity or habits?



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    I have fallow on one of my perms near Winchester - there is also a shoot there and I have to lay off between September and February. Nonetheless, I find Fallow very transient and flighty (unless park herd) and in this instance where shoot and deer overlap it has no apparent impact on their habits
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    It's a nightmare mate! Fallow are VERY clever and do not tolerate constant disturbance whether it be shooting or just keepers feeding. They will very soon become nocturnally transient so that it looks like they are still there from the ground sign, but they are not! They are in some quiet secluded cover nearby waiting for the game season to finish. They will wait until the end of January which will probably coincide with a temperature drop this year when they will then seek cover in the quiet woods. Save your main effort until then!

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    I'm finding that I'm getting plenty of deer on my trail cam, but I'm just not seeing them before dark! Roe on the other hand I'm seeing all the time but I'm leaving them to come on a bit.

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    this Monday the woods on the shoot which normally has large amounts of fallow was bare of fallow just a few roe . but not being put off me and a friend went to stalk the same wood on the Tuesday evening and once again no fallow about so I decided to give it a go this morning . up in the high seat before first light sat there and watched the keeper come round feeding and I kid you not 10 minutes after he had passed by fallow appeared from all over the place at one point more than 40 crossed over the ride but out off range ( the sound of the kuboto must be like a dinner bell to the fallow) . where the fallow move to we are no sure but one thing for sure as MS said wait until the end of the game shooting season jan into feb we will be culling lots. the morning was not a wash out 1 muntjack and a fox

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    We regularly see fallow and muntjac on the pheasant shoot where I beat. In fact since the first shoot we have never failed to move them when beating. The keeper also says that he sees them most days when feeding.
    Yesterday I was walking in the one field with my GWP hoping to push any partridge back in the general direction of the guns when three fallow came straight towards me having been displaced by flanking beaters. Fortunately my GWP stood firm and watched them depart across the field.

    By contrast I was out Monday morning on a small woodland that I have permission to stalk and that is not shot over otherwise or disturbed very little by walkers etc. and as per my last three outings there not a sign of any deer activity whatsoever.
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    never had a problem as long as you know well
    a the keepers
    b the ground
    c the deer
    transient yes but on 10k + acres you've just gotta know your acres
    the keepers info and being on the ground twice a week my Buddy and I could pick away at the various groups without spooking them two or three fallow a week is pretty productive deer management with very limited stress to the deer as they are not harranged from one side of the est to the other by just a couple of stalkers .
    the keepers trust us to go about the job with very limited disturbances to game as being involved also on shoot days picking up and beating ect we want the days to go just as well as they do .
    after the game season has finished collaborative cull days with all other estates and land owners fortnightly and involving the DI worked well for a few yrs but as stalking is now so popular and esp the long fallow season the numbers in the area did reduce this coincided with large-scale forestry work in the most mature woodland blocks ....the secret hidy holes of the supposedly ubertransient fallow .
    hope this helps a bit and of cause what happens on one est may not be happening on another take each case on its own merit .the guys on this est have a combined knowledge of it of over 90 yrs one guy 40 yrs on the same est he knows a thing or two about the deer and thier movements id say
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    This is the age-old conflict between Game Shooting and Deer Management and is undoubtedly why the deer season had to be extended by a month!
    One large area I’ve managed for years is a classic example of this. Access is very restricted during the game season with pretty much every weekend written off and even the day before a shoot. Meanwhile, the complaints keep coming in about maize getting hammered and feed bins getting destroyed. Then to top it all, a letter of complaint at the end of January that there are too many deer on the area! I doubt this will ever be resolved as there is other underlying politics involved!

    Another area I manage is completely the opposite where we work in complete harmony as it can be a mutually beneficial relationship. Respect is given to avoid shoot days with the understanding that access is required at other times. One lone stalker at first or last light actually creates very little disturbance – certainly a lot less than a dozen or so beaters with dogs and 10 noisy guns!!! Feeders provide excellent deer culling opportunities! Deer get culled and corn is saved – everyone is a winner! Foxes are shot by stalkers. Poachers/thieves are deterred by other sets of eyes on the ground. Also, having herds of deer crashing through the game cover is neither safe, nor conducive to a steady flow of birds! The keeper's wife got hit in the chest by a fallow doe last winter which absolutely flattened her! We thought she was having a heart attack until she managed to catch enough breath to explain what had happened! So an early cull also benefits the shoot as well as the environment.

    I have recently taken on another area. It is early days yet and it has the potential to go either way.
    However, with the knowledge and experience I have gained from the above scenarios, I hope I am well placed to ensure that this one turns out like the second example. Mutual understanding is the first key to success, which should then lead to trust.Once you have both, you are well on the way to a working relationship and friendship which will benefit both departments. There is often some overlap which can help where individuals have a foot in each camp, but this can also give cause for conflict if pressure is placed on said individuals over split loyalties. However, there should be no reason why an individual cannot do both. It just takes mutual respect!
    Wish me luck!

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    As MS said a lot depends on relationship with keeper and agent one large commercial shoot I used to stalk on would not have us there in January at all. The agent complained to me about too many deer but could not grasp the fact that up to twenty people driving Pheasants also drove deer so they would see larger numbers than a single stalker.
    I eventually solved the problem by taking the agent out a couple of times.
    Deer know the sounds of keepers feeding 20 mins later is a good time to watch feed rides(if the keeper allows it.

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