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Thread: fox call

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    fox call

    hi, looking to buy an original fox call by andre georgescu from the austrialian videos.

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    Are these similar/same as our Tenterfield and Silva whistles, folded tin with a hole centred near the folded edge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    Are these similar/same as our Tenterfield and Silva whistles, folded tin with a hole centred near the folded edge?

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    look on tinterweb there are a few videos showing you how to make one i tried it and it works well i also have a tenterfield and they sound very similar-

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    hi do you have the number for tenterfield? thanks keith.

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    Take the squeaker out of a dogs toy, they work for fox and Deer.

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    Google 'best fox call'

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    got two of the best fox calls. maybe need more practise with them. saw how to make a fox call on youtube. try it when i get back from work. thanks guys.

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    As said earlier, there are good videos on YouTube on how to make your own Tenterfield whistles, by drilling different sized holes, you can alter the pitch slightly.

    The Best Fox call ones are well made, but remember they are easy to use (eventually !) BUT also VERY easy to LOSE !!!!

    So maybe use a lanyard a round your neck and put them in a small box or easy seal clear bag and put in back in the same pocket, each time after use, when you need to use it, you know where it is.

    This is may sound so wrong !
    ( But it will help you ! )
    Before you go out foxing and use a Tenterfield out in the field, i recommend that you practise with them first, on your own, either in your car, garage or house !
    Have a towel or tissue ready to wipe up your dribble, it's gonna happen at first !!!

    Good luck using it.
    : )

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    1/2" copper pipe about 2" long, flatten both ends and fold on themselves closing the ends? drill a hole in the centre of the pipe straight through, 1/8", debur one hole, making it tappered and opening the 1/8" up a bit

    hold it in your mouth (like a dickybow?), suck and blow, high's, rasps, squeak's are obtainable by using both sides

    if you then drill a smaller hole in one of the flats you can attach a lanyard
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