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Thread: Tikka m595 stainless

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    Tikka m595 stainless

    tikka 595 in .222.stainless, screwcut with grey laminate stock
    shoots ragged hole groups at 100 yards 550 + rfd costs
    ase northstar mod and stainless optilocks also available

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    did you not get on with it then ?

    For anyone interested in this rifle, I can tell you it`s a fantastic piece of kit that accounted for shedloads of roe in my hands.

    Buy it, and you won`t regret it.

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    Thanks Mark,so accurate,shot a 175 yd group of 6 touching a couple of days ago,with my home loads. Problem is,I have a hankering for a Sako 75,so was putting the feelers out. If I can get the money together in time,I'll keep it as a lighter weight walking rifle and I know the 75 can be no more accurate. Hope alls good with you. Cheers

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    PM`d you bud.


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    Have you got a 75 already in mind? I've got a nice one in .243 that I might need to shift now the 308 t3 has arrived......
    regards les

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    Would like a .243/6mm,but can't convince my FEO I need one,so have another .222 in mind,but thanks for the offer.

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    I've just got one in .222 - highly recommended. Lovely proportions and feel to it.

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