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Thread: Howa stock (laminate)

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    Howa stock (laminate) NEW PRICE

    SOLDAs above,its the grey non thumbhole version off my rifle, very good condition only used a couple of times at the range, will post some pics later
    £90 posted
    Last edited by rooster; 29-05-2010 at 12:02. Reason: photo added new price

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    Long or short action? Lightning barrel or varmint?

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    Sorry, short action varmint barrel.

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    Still for sale, treat your Howa!!!

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    not being funny but £130 seems a lot of money, a mate got one delivered from the makers boyd stocks in the states for £70.


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    I put that price because i thought it was fair, maybe it is high after looking at the site you mention but your price is wrong $132 dollars delivered, which is around £90 not £70.

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    wasnt havin a pop mate just thought you might sell it if the price was more realistic, i'd have it myself if i had the money

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