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    Anyone know whether you can get away with putting a sportschief jacket in the washing machine?

    Mine could do with a wash, but I can't find a label on it.


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    If Im ever in doubt about washing clothes or jacket I wool wash them with NO softener, clogs the pours of the waterproof membrane apparently.
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    I have cleaned Sportschief on cool, wool / hand wash, cycle & then put a dose of Nikwax in with another rinse cycle, A1+ result, Steve.
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    You can buy Nikwax detergent free soap, it is designed for washing goretex fabrics which is similar to the membrane in the sportchief jacket. You should be ok with wool wash but be careful as it is the detergent that damages the membrane and anything biological is a no no. I always use the Nickwax stuff, it does a great job cleaning and everything remains waterproof.

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