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Thread: Dog Eating Grass

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    Dog Eating Grass

    My dog eats big mouthfuls of grass after heavy exercise/runs. It does her no harm, she's not sick and doesn't get the sh*ts, just seems like she can't get enough into her mouth fast enough! Any thoughts? Could it be a lack of fibre in her diet? She's 16 months and has been like this pretty much from day 1.

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    My lads the same, runs about eats as much grass as he can then becomes sick with it! It's something he's always done, certainly doesn't do him any harm, at 21 months old he's in top condition!

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    It used to be said it was a sign they need worming. Roughage is a natural wormer.

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    She fully up to date with workers, but I'll check next time we're at the vets.

    She's in great condition so I'm not worried, just find it weird!

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    my lad does this to and is always wormed up to date. Occasionally pukes back up a big "clod" of grass

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    My vet says effectively it's just salad, but then he says the same thing about eating horse poo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy View Post
    My vet says effectively it's just salad, but then he says the same thing about eating horse poo
    Yah ! You can't beat a bit of horse pooh on a Venison burger can you
    My dog does love to eat a bit of grass and Deer pooh too, she thinks it's Devine. It's alway a funny one though because sometimes she is obsessed with eating grass or wheat or deer Fewmets, other times she won't eat any of those odd things for week on end. Someone said to me it's to do with their stomachs digestive enzymes. I think it's natures tonic for them !

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    My boy is exactly the same....doesn't even slow down to eat it, grabbing great gobfulls at full speed !! Doesn't do him any harm although it seems to ferment in his gut a bit and the subsequent gaseous emissions can be somewhat aromatic !!!
    He's coming up on six yrs old and in rude says not to give it a second thought so I don't.
    Regards & Happy New Year to all. Rob.

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    My Springer has always eaten loads of grass and never seems to bother him, I wouldn't worry about it just let the dog carry on and do worming when needed.

    All the best to everyone for the New Year.

    Scoby 270

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    every springer I have had has always grazed on grass.

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