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    I am after a half dozen partridge,just to get a young pointer going then,put in my aviary,
    Any help greatly apprieciated,

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    I should mention I am willing to pay top price and pick up when suits,
    Happy new year,

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    Reds may not be a good thing for a young pinter as usually run on so might make dog unsteady on point.

    Lot of dog boys use dizzeid pigeons if u know anyone wit a loft, can even get cages/traps for them now.
    The other thing from america catching on is Bobtail quail, meant to sit pretty tight as really hold well if u have a call pair in avairy or a pen

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    Ok I will try this, advice required, might get me some partridge.

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    Do u not know any keepers near u? Esp by end of month i;m sure 1 could catch u a few fairly easily and cheaply.

    Dizzying pigeons is an old school trick whichis coming back into fashion, means u dinae have to worry about holding ur birds and just nip along to ur local loft to get more when u need them and they fly home when flshed

    I'd get some more advice, i don't rate reds at all for walked up and release greys on my shoot for walked up, sit far tighter for walking up.
    U might struggle to hold both thou depending on ur ground.

    In the near future i'm going to try and get some Bobtail quail for dog training, i had search and u can buy bobwhite quail which i persume is the same 1's but i know a few dog boys with them say hold very well in there 'pens' as illegal to relese into wild

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