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Thread: Kildermorie Estate

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    Kildermorie Estate

    Looking at sorting out my 2016 holiday of a nice cottage to rent & some stalking to keep me occupied. Has anyone been stalking here?

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    Just looked it it on the net, looks like paradise to me. If a guy can't have fun at a place like that, ...

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    I went there for a week about 3 years ago in late July, so was fishing and walking rather than stalking. Absolutely fell for the place. The head keeper was extremely helpful and interesting to chat with. A mine of information. Other staff there were also very friendly - probably lured by the baby sitting on the grass! The owner was also working around the place and again, great to chat with. I had taken my rifle for stalking afterwards up in Caithness and in Perthshire, so left it in the estate gunroom and so saw a bit of the main lodge. The cottage we stayed in was great. We had the whole estate to ourselves (me, wife and 6 month old baby) and were allowed to wander wherever with the dog - incredibly accommodating. There were good tracks which we took a Peugot estate up into the hills, but which looked good for mountain biking.

    The fishing was fun, despite practically no water. No salmon, but a good number of trout in the river 1 minute walk from the cottage. Some beautiful little hill lochs, some with row boats, to hike up to and fish. There was a boat to use on Loch Marie, which I highly recommend.

    We hiked over the hills a lot and saw some good deer numbers. Apparently its predominantly a hind forest, although there were some nice looking beasts about. There were also good number of grouse and ptarmigan. We saw a few of what I guess were Sika in the forestry, disappearing rapidly into the woods as the baby screamed. I was told they had bought some forestry up near Helmsdale(?) with roe on it.

    Be aware that it also has a 'grand lodge' where around 20 can stay, and I guess if that was full and on a full sporting week the place may be a bit less quiet and you'd have less freedom to roam.

    I keep meaning to go back, not necessarily for the stalking (I'd rather have a couple of days after ptarmigan on the high tops), but for the peace and quiet and beauty of the place (but NOT the midges). Maybe this year...... I'd encourage you to go! IF you do, 2 tips: Take your food with you, or at least the condiments to go with salmon or trout and the means to catch them, because the drive out is not trivial; Follow the directions that they give you NOT the sat nav which tried to take us round the S shore of the Loch and nearly destroyed our car and our marriage.

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    Many thanks. That is really helpful & most reassuring.

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