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Thread: Roe head plaques ??

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    Roe head plaques ??

    hi guys

    anyone got any good sites or the like for getting plaques for roe heads?

    any varition / type would be good from cheap mdf type to whatever......i like varition and not all the same

    got a heap of heads sitting in a box that should all be mounted


    sauer / paul

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    I buy mine from this chap always a good service


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    Best advice is to find someone who works with wood, i.e. carpenter/Joiner. They can make them easily and usually cheap (less than a fiver), as they use off-cuts that would normally be discarded. This way they are made from solid wood and not laminated MDF as the bushware ones are. Just need a bit of sanding to finish and stained whatever colour you want.

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    If anyone wants some original german ones I could rustle them up and post them to UK for just my costs, no profit as I am retired and have a little time. Same goes for boar mounts with the oak leaf decoration.

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