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Thread: Pheasant shooting Boxing Day

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    Pheasant shooting Boxing Day

    This video is mainly from our pheasant shoot on Boxing Day 2015, in the Glens of Antrim Ireland. There are also a couple of clips at the start from 23rd December.

    I have tried a new editing software on this video and to be honest I found it very complicated. The software is Powerdirector Ultra 14, I have a month free trial, so I would be interested in getting a idea of how everyone thinks this one compares to the videos I have made previously using Windows Moviemaker.

    Onto the shooting. It was another dull windy day and the birds flew great, in fact, too good for me most of the day. It is without doubt the worst I have shot this season & I had some very poor misses, but also one very good fast pheasant that I some how hit!!!

    Thanks for watching, keep an eye out for my best of 2015 video coming up in the New Year.

    Please like the video, comment, share the video & subscribe to my channel:

    Happy New Year

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    Must say 3 shot auto for woodcock doesn't seem very sporting. This beautiful game bird deserves a sporting chance

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    Blakey, I appreciate a semi auto is not everyone's cup of tea & I totally understand on a driven shoot. However, this is a small family syndicate & we all use semi autos. In fact, it was a good job I had one for that first bird I shot as I had hit it with the 2nd shot. Each to their own, thanks for watching & happy new year.

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