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Thread: deer stalking land advice.

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    deer stalking land advice.

    Hello everyone

    I have the opportunity of purchasing 296 acres of land which Red and Roe both inhabit in reasonable numbers. I am a target shooter and have no experience in deer management so i need some advice on how much to charge per shooter and all the rest that goes with it. I welcome all advice please be polite/respectfull in replies.

    Many Thanks

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    Are you going to be guiding or letting unaccompanied stalking?
    Per outing/day or a long term agreement?

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    i will be providing unaccompanied stalking

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    i will also not be charging for the carcass/meat

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    100-150 per day plus Meat at game dealers rates is a reasonable ball park i would say.......Medal heads extra

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    sorry for my inexperience what do you mean by a medal head?

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    Antlers are measured againsta set criteria and awarded a medal,that is the top end beasts....

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    What is the land,grass,arable,woodland?

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    thanks for your advice so far. for land 296 acres how many days per year do you think i should offer and also how many shooters should i allow per year and also per outing?

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    get someone from here local to you to help, else it could go terribly wrong if this was in the wrong hands for you. good luck
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