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Thread: Looking for a New Years Resolution?

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    Looking for a New Years Resolution?

    Well here's one you may have been considering for some time, but is an essential one, and one that you can keep!
    At 14:20 today, I did something amazing! It took about an hour of my time, but I may well have saved someone's life!
    I did nothing special really, just laid down and chilled out. A fraction of a second of minor pain and then a small percentage of my blood drained into a oscillating bag. I've done this numerous times now and even possibly saved my shooting buddies life who is the same blood type as me and had an Aortic Anurism the day after I gave blood! That was a reality check for sure!
    The NHS girl today said something that further encouraged me. She said that my blood was R1R1 and would be labelled with a buff tag. It turns out that my blood is full of antibodies and is perfect for babies! I wasn't able to donate blood in my previous career but I can now and make the most of it.
    So here is the big question!
    If you were hurt or in need of a blood or organ transplant, would you accept it to save your life?
    If the answer is yes, then why the **** are you not willing to donate?
    An easy New Years resolution that will benefit all.
    As an aside, apart from the uplift for doing something to help others, I really feel physically better in myself afterwards! I'm not just saying this, it makes me feel awesome! Years ago they used to 'let blood' to cure a lot of ailments. I do have a high iron content and the reduction is deemed as beneficial. I suppose it's a bit like a partial oil change!
    Joking aside, if you are willing to accept a donation, GET DONATING NOW!
    What better feeling is there than saving someone's life?
    I may have saved a baby today, that hour of my life is then worth more than it's entirety.
    If you want a New Years resolution with some value, donate blood or organs!
    When you're dead... you are dead!
    If you can help others to live after that point, then you continue in some form surely?
    I'm not supposed to be drinking tonight after giving blood but have had a few!
    If you are able to donate and don't, please consider doing so in the next year?!
    If you are happy to receive, you should be happy to give!!!!!!!!

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    amen to that
    Quid enim proderit Homini si lucretur Mundum totum et detrimentum faciat Animae suae?

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    I think it superb that wales has become an optout of organ donation country.Sure there were thousands of people that would have donated but never thought they would die.

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    Top man MS I've done this now for the past 15 years, ok maybe not as often as I could but on average twice a year

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    I gave my 30th donation 2 weeks ago, and struggle to understand why folks wouldn't! To know that I'm helping someone, somewhere with a splash of O Pos, that my body will regenerate quickly is comforting.

    Great post MS, and if just 1 additional person donates regularly because of it, job done
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    I would donate if I could ,but they can't give anyone my blood, they will accept it for research though.

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    Something I have been meaning to do for a while now and with that prompt I will register right away!
    Happy New Year everyone!

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    My sister was a long-term donor, so I thought I would follow, but I was turned down because I had a cough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    My sister was a long-term donor, so I thought I would follow, but I was turned down because I had a cough.
    I'm guessing the cough has now gone?
    The demand for blood hasn't though!
    Clearly not a good idea to give anyone who is already poorly a virus as well as a top-up of blood.
    Maybe time to give it another go?

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    Been thinking of doing it for a long while just never got round to it, but on reading this have booked my first donation 8th January.

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